N95 Respirators

The following documents are a guide to regulatory standards across international products. Due to the extreme shortage of PPE the following documents will best advise you how to choose an equivalent product which is in stock.

1) Comparison of FFP2, KN95 and N95 Filtering Face piece respirator classes.

2) Crosstex Guide to Face Mask Selection and Use

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  • Budget KN95 Respirator - 10 Day Supply - 10Pack
    • 22% less

    Budget KN95 Respirator - 10 Day Supply - 10Pack

    Bulk Wrapped KN95.

    Equivalent to P2 respirators in the Australian Standard, disposable KN95 respirators filter out very fine particles from the air and reduce the risk of transmitting airborne infectious diseases while working in or passing through potentially contaminated environments

    This model of mask ships in bags of 10. 

    Certified KN95/ FFP2 Disposable face mask in a pack of 10

    • Certified TGA approved.
    • Bulk wrapped - 10pc per bag
    • 4 ply, Non-woven Melt blown filtering media 
    • Electrostatically charged to attract fine particles
    • Hypoallergenic inner layer to prevent skin irritation 
    • Strong face seal
    • $35.00